Barbara has worked with us selling 2 homes and buying one. We have hired other agents in the past ,but when you hire Barbara you start to see the difference. Barbara does call all the agents personally before and after showings of your home. She does the work herself, no recent graduates or admins doing her job.  I had never heard of an Agents having a conversation BEFORE the showing. She does this so that there are no surprises for the potential Buyers.  No surprise brings more offers. Rather you are buying or selling you will want Barbara to handle your negotiations. I have seen her in action.  25 years in this business has given her the skills you need to get your home sold and to get the best deal on your next purchase.
Bonnie and Chris
I worked with Barbara for over a year before finally buying my first home. NO fault of hers. It was my nervousness and indecisiveness that held me back. WOW is she patient. Thanks Barbara for working with me, being patient, taking the buying process, inspections etc etc one step at a time and fully explaining it all too me, more than once. LOL. First Time Buyers, want to buy stress free as possible? Call Barbara, her services are FREE to BUYERS!
Jose T
Best description, Experienced, Dedicated and  Helpful. It is true “ Knowledge is gained from Experience”. Barbara has 25 years as a real estate agent to prove it.  Best Buying and Selling situation we have ever encountered.
James & Brigitte F.
As a first time buyer, I was nervous and confused, until I started working with Barbara. She got me pre approved and then took me step by step through the buying process. Steady as it goes with no surprises. She answered my questions before they were asked. Hottest listings came to me first, so yes, I got a great home at a great price
Being new to the Ottawa area, we were lost. The thing Barbara did first was take us on a tour of Ottawa and the surrounding neighborhoods. She provided all the information we needed about schools, distance to work and most importantly hockey for the kids. She was patient and provided more information than we have ever received from an agent in the past . Moving to Ottawa, pick Barbara she will work at your pace putting YOU FIRST.
Marc and Nancy O’Connor
Without Barbara we never would have bought a newly built home. She was there every step of the way providing advice on the contract, structural changes and decor selections. And she resolved a major issue that arouse between us and the builder’s agent. We will highly recommend her.
Dale and Sandy O